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Children Enjoy Learning At Our Preschool

Come to Kidcare Child Development Center in Victorville, California, to give your child the best possible preschool and after-school care. If you value education, emotional well-being, and excellence, let us care for your children, so you don't have to worry about them. We don't see this as a business; we care for children because they are important to us.

Little Girl Eating Her Meal

Hot Meals

All children are given hot meals for breakfast and lunch, and preschoolers are given an additional late bird snack before closing.  At a typical breakfast, your child will get a protein, carbohydrate, milk, fruit, or vegetable. We prepare age-appropriate menus. For example, A two-year-old serving size will be different from a 12-year-old serving size. We do not serve fruit juice. Instead, children have access to fresh fruit. We ensure that they get their daily requirement of fruits and vegetables.


We provide snacks which include a serving of fresh fruit or vegetable and crackers with cheese, jam or peanut butter. Children can bring their own snacks from home.


Lessons are well planned, fun, developmentally appropriate and designed to maximize a childs / childrens growth. With a prep book that is provided, preschoolers learn the alphabet, numbers to 100, and 50 basic words to prepare them for kindergarten etc. This ensures that they have a rudimentary grasp of reading by the time they graduate. Older children usually work on assignments they receive from school with assistance from our private tutor.


If your child is struggling with lessons or homework, we will provide private tutoring to help him / her understand the assignment better. However, our ultimate goal is ensuring a child is able to work independently. Teachers are thoroughly trained and meet or exceed all State requirements

Field Trips

Children are offered an opportunity to go on field trips during the Spring, Summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas breaks. Field trips include visits to:

• Restaurants, Like Chuck E. Cheese's® • Movie Theaters
• Water Parks • Swimming
• Bowling • Skating


Transportation to and from school is provided.

Tutoring a Child

Care and Attention

Our teachers are very nurturing, friendly, dedicated professionals. We listen to each child and work to solve any problems they have. Well-rounded and sound supervision are provided, including tutoring and homework clubs. Children with behavioral problems are taught coping skills to help them interact socially. We believe parents and teachers are partners in the children's care and education.